Returns/Cancellation Policy

Returns/Refunds are available within 15 days of purchase/arrival on produced items. Shipping back to SauceDrops Toys must be paid by customer and figure must be in original package and unharmed. Returns requested after 15 days are subject to a 20% restocking fee.  All refunds will be made within 10 days after piece is back in SauceDrops Toys hands and assessed. We also ask for the reason of return.  Buyers remorse doesn't count!! After 30 Days Refunds are unavailable

Custom Toys / Original Artwork / Pre-Orders are strictly Final Sale  Cancelling Custom Toys, Original Artwork or Pre-Orders after purchase causes issues for the store, artists and makes it difficult for other collectors to obtain or have the opportunity to obtain these products in a timely manner. It's all extra work for everyone but you so please be considerate before you decide to buy.

Damaged/Lost Items  We've all seen the viral videos of delivery services mishandling packages.  If you're piece was damaged in transit, please Document all steps of unboxing to properly submit a claim with shipping provider.  If the item wasn't properly wrapped please contact us and submit photos as well as damage assessment.  For missing packages please refer to your tracking number and shipping details to submit a claim with shipping provider.  Once it's left our hands are tied in finding a missing item in your area. 

High Demand Products  Please follow notes on the description of products for notices like "All Sales Final" "1 Per Person" "High Risk Orders Cancelled" to avoid losing a confirmed order.  Bots,Cart sellers, and Flippers have become a big part of limited edition products.  With high demand items we have seen a trend of Bot instant sales as well as instant refund requests.  The item in question may not sell on aftermarket platform as quickly as a "flipper" would like so refund requests pour in by the truckload.  This is great to get the items out of the flippers hands, but it inevitably puts a bad spin on an exciting release.  Those who sought to purchase the now sold out item are hurt, the time to do returns and cancellations, and then to privately distribute the restocked item to those who have missed out all take time and effort in an already insanely busy day.  For these reasons AND the fact that flippers and bots suck, we have had to instate a 15% cancellation fee for the 2nd thought flippers.  "My Son bought it without my knowledge, I purchased by accident, my friend already got me one, I don't know what this is, I accidentally bought more than I was supposed to so can I cancel all the orders" are all really poor reasons and will be immediately categorized as a Cancellation Fee.  

Cancellations Bots and Flippers seem to dominate the quick click game.  It's unfortunate and difficult to combat but we at SauceDrops Toys try.  All orders that are duplicates, ship to bogus addresses, discovered ebay resellers, or any other tomfoolery will not be tolerated and we will cancel your order to try and get it in the hands of a real collector.  

We want everyone to get to enjoy their toys and art as well as respect the artists who created it.  We never want your figures to arrive damaged and we are open to working with everyone for the best option to resolve any issues that come up.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and having your order number ready is great for quick responses!