SauceDrops Toys was created by Michael Owsley (@sauceslinger) as a venture to:

  • Grow the Art Toy Community
  • Support Artists
  • Unite Toy Collectors & Designers

Michael started out as a Funko Pop! collector in 2015, when he found a a Spike Spiegel vinyl figure, but quickly grew to love the world of designer toys. After getting more involved with the toy community, almost organically, Michael found the sauce* to begin SauceDrops Toys to become further ingrained into the world of designer art toys and limited collectibles in late 2020 amidst uncertainty.

The idea as a store is to give exposure to little known and expand the reach of "well-known" artists while continuing to explore desires for other art possibilities like art shows and charitable products. As a collector, he hopes to implement some of the best practices seen in the toy industry to deliver the best experience possible.

SauceDrops Toys and Michael appreciate you joining this journey and look forward to where it goes.

*sauce: confidence in oneself to make dreams become reality