Condition Guide

We try our best to grade our boxes accurately so you know what to expect with your designer toy or Funko Pop. We will try our best to consistently grade designer toys or Funko Pops, but please reach out if you have a discretion. At the bottom of the page are visual aids that will show you examples of what we consider minor, moderate, and severe flaws to be.

Keep in mind that we are only grading the box and not the actual toy itself, as many toys may exhibit paint flaws from the factory; this is not something we factor into our grading scale. 

This is a general guide as to what each grade will look like and the damage we look for:

9 - Box is nearly perfect. A 9 will only show 1 or 2 barely noticeable flaws that are visible only upon close inspection.

8 - The box will be very presentable and will show very little wear. The box may exhibit 1 to 3 minor flaws.

7 - Box damage to a 7 will be far more noticeable, but the toy will still present well. The box may exhibit 1 to 3 moderate flaws.

6 - The box may show 3+ moderate and/or 1 severe flaw. 6 is the level where the flaws on the box starts to become more obvious and the visual presentation is compromised.

5 - A 5 will have 2 or more severe flaws but still be somewhat presentable.

* All products graded 10 will not display a grade and should be considered "Mint Condition". All products graded 4 and under will likely be sold as '"Out-of-Box"

**We do not downgrade box condition for the following: stickers applied by retailers, rounded windows (vs windows with a straight folded seam), and paint blemishes on the Pop itself.

You may request photos of a box by contacting